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Quality is a Habit & at AstraEureka Pharmaceuticals, we all are edicts of this Habit. The success of any Pharmaceutical Company lies in the Quality of its Products and so is with us.

Though we strongly believe that the Quality of almost all PCD Companies in Gujarat is as fine as any Big Giants of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Nowadays the Drug Authorities in India are so strict and it is compulsory for all Manufacturing Units to follow Schedule ‘M’ which forces every manufacturer to follow all the guidelines laid by the Drug Authorities of India. There are various accreditations given by several regularities such as WHO-GMP, cGMP, ISO Certifications etc. for little easy understanding for a common person.

Commonly GMP, cGMP, and ISO Certification are taken by almost every manufacturing unit. Still, there are various other factors which the Manufacturing Units are to take utmost care to ensure good quality, efficacy and reliability of the product.

Some of the Companies are giving the products at cheaper rates by manipulating with the quality of the raw material, source of the raw material etc. But still most of the businessmen of Pharma Industry prefer to have Quality Medicines even if they are little expensive.

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