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Manufacturing Facility

Nature of Construction and finishing

The building is constructed in RCC frame structure with service floor constructed with 80mm puff panel Jindal. The facility has Vinyl flooring with coving and Epoxy topcoats. The building consists of 2 floors, Ground Floor having the Administrative Block and Manufacturing Block and Second Floor as well as the Quality Control Block, Separate Utility area.


Air Handling Systems (AHUs) - Ventilation System

  • The Air Handling Systems (AHUs) at AstraEureka Pharmaceuticals designed to supply clean and conditioned air of specified quality to the destination places.
  • The systems consist of units and associated devices like Supply/Exhaust Blowers, Cooling Coils, Strip Heaters, Supply and return Duct Dampers, filters and insulators as per the clean air requirements
  • There are a total of 22 AHUs in the facility spread over two floors.
  • Special area for handling Toxic and hazardous.

A separate area is provided for the storage of toxic/ hazardous materials. All safety goods have been provided for handling these materials.

Description of Water system (purified water and WFI)

  • Brief description of water system (Schematic description/ drawing of the system)
  • Source of raw water: The factory uses Bore well water as its primary source.
  • The water is stored in a water storage tank having a capacity of 12000 Litres. The water from the tank is linked to DM water preparation unit and DM water is also collected in a separate stainless steel tank.
  • The DM water is pumped up into the SS jacketed storage tank of 1000 Ltr. Capacity, from where it is distributed to manufacturing areas by SS pipelines (by the loop system). The DM water is used in washing, cleaning and processing in production, QC and other areas. The tanks are periodically cleaned and records are maintained.

Preventive Maintenance program for premises

The housekeeping team is given the charge to make the premises clean and tidy. An experienced supervisor takes the lead with his experience and ensures that the premises are always clean. The same team take scare of Pest Control on regular basis and keeps the cleaning records as per the procedure mentioned in the SOP. The housekeeping staff is given training at regular intervals as per the cGMP norms.

Our Service

  • Export Markets (Regulated & Semi – Regulated)
  • Third Party Manufacturing / P2P Business
  • Loan License Manufacturing
  • Marketed by arrangement

Our Strength

  • Dedicated Low Rh area for Clavulanate Products
  • All drugs are manufactured as per WHO-GMP standards
  • HVAC & AHUs
  • Innovative & Sophisticated Packaging facilities
  • Commitment to Excellence and Quality
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Flexibility of Batch Sizes
  • Dedicated & Committed team of professionals
  • Strong Drug Regulatory team
  • In-house WFI, PW & Nitrogen Plant
  • In-house NABL Lab & F&D Centre.
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