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Citicoline Inj

Brand Name : AXO CT-4

Product Composition

Citicoline 250mg

Packaging Details :

4ml +Try pack

Product Description

AXO CT-4 contains Citicoline inj.  is a nerve protecting medicine. It works on the brain by nourishing the nerve cells, protects them from damage and improves their survival.

AXO CT-4 Injection 4ml contains ‘Citicoline’, a psychostimulant or nootropic drug used to nourish and minimize damage to the nerve cells in various conditions associated with the brain. It increases the activity of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and regenerates nerve cells by promoting the synthesis of phospholipids in the brain. it improves recovery in patients who had their consciousness disturbed by a head injury or any other brain-related problem and who underwent surgery.

Usages of Citicoline

Citicoline is used in the treatment of stroke, head injury, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in Parkinson’s disease.

Side Effects of Citicoline

  • Headache,
  • Edema (swelling),
  • Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping),
  • Anxiety,
  • Hypotension (low blood pressure),
  • Weakness, G
  • astrointestinal disturbance

Manufacturer and Pharma Exporter Citicoline

AstraEureka Pharmaceuticals is the fastest-growing Best PCD Pharma Franchise company in India, we are a Manufacturer of Citicoline under the brand name AXO CT-4. We are committed to manufacturing the best Pharma Products at affordable rates. We are positioned to serve the pharma industry with strategic partners. Providing health solutions is our motto of the company and quality remains our first priority. Through our innovative and new combinations of molecules and drugs, AstraEureka has become a reputable name in the market. We have DCGI & FSSAI-approved product list. We at AstraEureka Pharmaceuticals manufactured our products as GMP-WHO norms.


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